Spinal Energetics at Sea2Sky Wellness Club

Spinal Energetics

Spinal Energetics is a gentle yet powerful way to help you release tension, emotions, stress, and trauma stored in the body. 

The technique involves the practitioner interacting with your energy field to encourage and create a more balanced flow of energy throughout the body which can promote healing and overall health. 

Your body knows exactly what to do to; release, heal and thrive! It helps us connect with our body more deeply and tap into this innate wisdom which so often stays dormant within us. 

Common Benefits of Spinal Energetics: 

  • Spinal Energetics is a powerful modality that ultimately gives us what we need in the moment. Some of the typical things that clients report include:
  • Relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Feeling brighter and more hopeful
  • Reduced fatigue and more energy
  • Alleviation of physical pain
  • Feeling lighter and more calm in their body
  • Enhanced emotional clarity
  • Spiritual growth and awareness
  • A deepened connection and trust in their body