About Us

“Wellness and wellbeing for all with no one left out. In this great vision, we are propagating ancient yet scientific wisdom which can bring the light of hope to everyone. We have a dream vision to see everyone healthy in holistic manner”   Unknown

Sea2Sky’s mission is to create a community for yoga, mindfulness, and holistic wellbeing. We pride ourselves in developing ones body, mind, and spirit by providing a safe and positive space for learning. 

Harmony, Knowledge, and Compassion are tenets of our studio. We strive to create a harmonious environment for your experience to help alleviate the day to day stress you experience. We create that environment through our knowledgeable and compassionate teachers, trainers, and industry experts who share our vision. 

Our goal is to improve and develop the community through ourselves as we undergo the journey to mindfulness and holistic wellbeing together. 

Our promise is to provide a creatively unique approach through our various teaching styles and motivational lessons designed to ensure our clients will be reaching their optimum potential. 

CEO and Founder

Originally hailing from Russia, Oxana is the Founder of Sea2Sky Wellness. She has decades of entrepreneurial gumption and experience bolstered by an academic backbone. She holds a law degree from Kazan State University having specialized in criminology.

She is a certified Level 1 & 2 Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor, 500 Hours Hot Original 26&2, Barre, Spin, Bio Energy Healing, and Aerial Yoga. Always striving to help our community reach its maximum potential Oxana created
two programs, and later trademarked, the LAAB Endurance and Sea2Sky Aerial Yoga teacher training.

In 2020 she founded, The Yoga Bar, in White Rock, BC. This quickly won a local awards for the best yoga and Pilates studio in the community. Eighteen months later, The Yoga Bar, was announced as the best business in Canada
which spawned the opening of a second location in, Yaletown, Vancouver, BC later the following October in 2021.

To start the new year off in 2022, Oxana was named amongst North American Leading Professionals. In turn, this gave her the confidence needed to walk into a new chapter of her yoga journey; and thus, the Sea2Sky Wellness Club was born.

And after a lifetime’s culmination of passion, hard work, and experiences, Oxana is finally able to offer more services to the community than ever before through Sea2Sky Wellness Social Club.