Energy Healing

Energy Coaching

You may have heard the quote: “Your energy introduces you before you even speak”. Indeed, the quality of our energy predetermines the quality of our life. We have all experienced that liberating feeling of shining freely and expansively when we are completely aligned with ourselves and nothing stands in our way. However, oftentimes we can also experience quite the opposite: unwanted recurring patterns or situations, feeling stuck, unsafe, drained or frequently unwell for unknown reasons, and other less than empowering scenarios. If that is the case, trust that your energy has an answer, and working with an energy coach will help you to unlock its message and release whatever is holding you back.

Energy coaching is a type of energy healing where we work with your energy field, to connect to the vibration of your heart, and remove the blocks that are preventing you from living your desired life. Sessions are interactive, intuitive and follow your own objective and your own energy as the guiding source of information. We use a wide range of methods and techniques to gain insight into the issue at hand, identify a type of an energy block you may be experiencing, its root cause and the overall impact that it has had. We will then work to release and recalibrate. After these sessions clients experience a sense of renewal and revitalization, a shift in their presence, their self-awareness and, ultimately, a shift in their being. Some of the methods used in the sessions include kinesiological analysis, systemic constellations, intuitive reading, breathwork, meditation and more. Some typical subjects may include, but are not limited to:

– Relationships
– Money
– Fulfillment
– Repetitive life scenarios
– Body image

Each session lasts about 60-90 minutes, or sometimes longer, depending on the client’s wish. Sessions are offered in English and Russian and can be held either on a one-time or recurring basis.

Energy Healing 60 min

Energy Healing can address spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. We all are 99.9% energy and 0.1% matter. And yet we forget to care for ourselves on an energetic level. In her energy healing sessions, Suraya connects with Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings and Spiritual Guides, using meditation and visualization techniques. These healing sessions guide you to what is needed most in that moment; helping you release unwanted feelings/thoughts/spirits, and shift your emotional and physical maladies, helping with matters such as anxiety, depression, and addiction. It becomes a beautiful way to step back into the harmonious flow of your own life and experience the inner serenity that is your divine birthright.

Hot Stone Reiki 90 min

A reiki session like no other. In addition to the normal Reiki treatment, I will be using hot stones for extra relaxation. The hot stones will be placed on or under areas of the body that are experiencing pain/discomfort as well as on energy centres (chakras) to help unlock and unblock your energy fields. This treatment will assist in connecting Mind, Body and Spirit and promote overall wellness.

Pet Energy Healing 30 min

Reiki can be just as vital for animals as it is for humans. In Suraya’s experience, animals enjoy receiving this calming energy as much as people do. Animals benefit from improved physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It promotes self-healing, restores balance, and is a wonderful tool for relieving stress and promote relaxation. This makes Reiki for animals a desirable exercise for traumatized animals, or animals with behavioral problems, whereby each animal’s unique sensitivities, wisdom, and preferences are elevated.

Reiki 60 min

Reiki’s literal translation means “Universal Life Force Energy”. It is a natural, holistic, light touch, energy healing technique. Reiki assists the body back into a natural rhythm by helping realign and replenish the energy that has been displaced, depleted, or blocked by stress (mental, spiritual, and physical), illness or injury. I will place my hands either lightly on the body or hovering just above the body in a series of hand positions, which helps direct the distribution of Reiki energy.

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Receive answers to specific questions or general messages from your Spirit Team. Please note: Card readings do not predict the future. They give you an idea of what is possible based on your current energy. We all have free will. If our path (decision) changes, so will the outcome.