Empowered Youth: Wealth, Health, Happiness, and Success
Three Months Program

This program offered by Sea2Sky Wellness Club is designed with holistic approach that involves addressing youth physical, emotional, social, and educational needs. This program is designed to provide young generation with essential tools, resources, and opportunities to develop the skills to build healthy and successful future. Our comprehensive approach focuses on positive reinforcement, mentorship, and support to help build the self-confidence of youth, encourage them to set goals, overcome challenges, and believe in their abilities. Our Professional’s top priority is to create safe and inclusive spaces that respects and values the diversity of youth, which allows them to express themselves freely and feel a sense of belonging.

1. Mind-Body-Soul Connection: The program recognizes the importance of changing the mind to change the body. It emphasizes the connection between the mind, body, and soul to rewire habits and promote overall well-being.

2. Personalized Approach: The program offers one-on-one sessions with professionals in a safe environment. While there is a structured package, it is customized to meet the unique needs of each client.

3. Expert Team: The program is built by experienced professionals who bring their expertise to the table. Though sessions are conducted one-on-one, the entire team monitors the client’s progress.

4. Holistic Approach: Sea2Sky Wellness Club provides a team of certified specialists and coaches who address the body, mind, and soul aspects comprehensively. The aim is to foster overall well-being and harmony.

*All Professional Registered services are subject to reimbursement by your health provider if you hold the extended benefits. You will be provided with the invoice for each Registered Service.
*Minimum age of participant is 13 years old.

What’s included:

  • 3 months unlimited group classes (yoga, fitness, spin)
  • 3 sessions of Hot/Cold therapy
  • 6 Sessions with Personal Trainer
  • 8 sessions with Registered Counselor
  • 8 sessions with Certified Life Coach
  • 4 sessions with Certified Meditation and Manifestation Coach


  • Increased responsibility
  • Developed decision-making skills
  • Increase in positive feeling about youth changing body
  • Balanced mood
  • Increased sense of independency
  • Developed skills for future planning
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved physical, mental, and emotional health
Package price $1699 (Regular $2100)