Navigating Grief: A Journey to Empowerment and Healing

Hi My name is Kimberlee Klein. I am a Grief Specialist based out of the Sea2Sky Wellness Center in New Westminister. Grief is a big world. One that is full of ·         Upset ·         Loss of power to do something about a situation and ·         A lot of fear of things that have already not worked out. In […]

Exploring Breathwork: A Journey to Inner Peace and Self-Discovery

Tomek Sosnowski instructor at Sea2Sky Wellness Club

Hey Everyone, I’m Tomek Sosnowski, and started my journey into breathwork 5 years ago. Ican safely say it has had a tremendous impact on how I meander through this life. Everythingwritten here is from my own anecdotal experience and research. Breathwork comes in manymany forms all over the world, they all serve to help tap […]

Embracing 44: A Celebration of Wisdom

Oxana at the Platinum Awards 2023 - Receiving for Best Business of the Year

Although I believe time is a delusion and the soul has no age, the physical body is aging as the calendar flips another page. There’s something uniquely special about turning 44. Maybe it’s because it transforms into an 8 when combined. Embracing 44 is an opportunity to celebrate the wisdom gained, the growth experienced, and […]