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Asana (yoga posture) Clinic

Get unstuck in your practice! Whether you are looking to find your most optimal downward dog, find ease in back bending postures and splits, begin work on or solidify your arm balances, or if you are simply looking to gain more from your existing daily practice, we are here for you. In your personalized class, the focus is entirely on you and your goals, no matter what those goals are.

We will work on your asana foundations and form to bring you to a point where your practice is supported from head to toe. We will hone in on aspects of practice which may be currently challenging or confusing to you, practicing in a way which will allow you to find ease within your efforts. We will break down the anatomy of postures, and use that to build the strength and flexibility that will take you to your next asana.

Not only can personalized asana classes give you confidence within your solo practice, but they can also lead to more efficient and effective movement during your in-studio classes.

Practitioners of all levels welcome! This is not a service purely for those who wish to stand on hands. Yoga begins with a single breath. So whether you are on your first, your 8th, or the 8-millionth breath within your yoga journey, it would be my absolute honour to guide you with personalized asana sessions.

Asana Clinic 60 min

Asana Clinic 90 min

Asana Clinic (5 classes)